Jewelry usually is divided by styles or material. About styles, vintage jewelry is obviously the first one we need to talk about. Even our world has moved on for these thousands of years, the vintage is still so  popular in this modern world. Amazing, isn’t it? this is because the culture, as the culture continues, we share the similar aesthetics with the people in the old time. Vintage jewelry has become a symbol of jewelry culture, and there are large amount people adore in vintage jewelry. Vintage jewelry is a general calling. The specific styles of different era is different. We will look back into the jewelry history to find out how these jewelry styles are form and how they affect the jewelry styles in our modern world.

The human being history is deeply affect by mid-age, so does the jewelry. The jewelry industry is deeply affected by the Renaissance. Many artists of the new generation in that time became jewelry designers and thy brought the abstract art idea to the jewelry industry. The new generation jewelry designers experimented new shapes in the jewelry. The shapes including biographic style shapes. These shapes form the abstract jewelry. Till now, you still can see the abstract shapes on vintage styles jewelry.

Since the 1950s, more motifs are add to vintage jewelry, as the jewelry were more and more popular among mainstream culture. The motifs including whimsical motifs and nature motifs. These motifs have become parts of vintage jewelry. In the same time, faux pearls were appeared on the vintage style jewelry and dress, the faux pearls are more symmetrical than real pearls, they were widely used on necklace and earrings. The symmetrical shapes enable the jewelers to produced jewelry in bulk. And this is the time jewelry spread to most people of the society, not just the rich ones.

Artificial gems were quickly used to vintage jewelry after they were created. Thanks to the new technology, people have the point to control the gems’ color and shape, this makes jeweler can design and produce more styles of vintage jewelry than ever. Affordable prices and adorable designs, plus the culture influence,  another time of boom period of vintage jewelry came, and it still last nowadays.