Before we take about the tips about jewelry match with the clothes, we should know the status of jewelry and clothes in your daily outfit. Take this for example, your clothes is like the color of a wall and jewelry is like the paintings on the wall. The good matching of jewelry and clothes give people a perfect impression of yours.You don’t have to wear jewelry, but you should if you want a excellent outfit. The point of your outfit can be the jewelry or the clothes. If you decide to choose the jewelry as the key, then what you need to do is select proper clothes to fit it. Now we are going to discuss specific advice on matching clothes with the key jewelry.

The color is the first impression. The clothes color must set the jewelry off to brighter. For example, your necklace is orange, you should choice light yellow or beige. The similar color and the difference between dark and light color give people a distinct impression. For silver and diamonds jewelry, the best practice is black close, the jewelry are more dazzling with dark color behind. In the other side, boho jewelry and other hand craft jewelry are suitable with colorful clothes, which make up a simple and cute figure.

Keep jewelry and clothes in balance, don’t exaggerate any part of the outfit. You may like some styles so much, but keep a balance in your mind that proper mix and match is the best looking. Jewelry usually are used for catch the eyes, wearing to many jewelry in the same time won’t do any good, in the other side, people wound misunderstand that you don’t know how to match jewelry, you just put all your jewelry on. Every piece must contribute to your outfit score. Wearing selected jewelry shows you are a serious and professional on your match, and you can enjoy the joy of mix achieved.

Simple silver, gold and white gold jewelry is suitable for work days and fashion jewelry appear more on parties and events. On work days, you are mostly in uniforms, with leave you limited room to choose jewelry to match, and heavy jewelry brings you inconveniences to your moves in the work.