No one knows when the first jewelry in the world was made, but no one doubts that the history of jewelry is as long as human being’s history. Now jewelry is a integral part of people’s live, no matter in normal life or formal events. Usually the jewelry reflect the owners personality. If you a open girl, you can wearing exaggerated jewelry, or some colorful jewelry must your type. If you are a repressed girl, some exquisite jewelry like spindly necklace should fit you.

In the old days, no everyone can have their own jewelry. Jewelry was a symbol of power and status. And some jewelry were limited by that time, even you have enough money, you don’t deserve the jewelry, you must have the corresponding status. Now the situation is much different, you can have all the jewelry you want if you are rich enough. But not all the jewelry are expensive. Actually, only small part the jewelry which are made by precious metal like gold, platinum and silver are expensive, as well as the jewelry interspersed by diamonds and nature gems. Some people choose some expensive jewelry to show they are rich, but wearing jewelry is not about showing rich. Wearing jewelry is about being good and graceful, and the jewelry don’t have to be expensive.

Choosing jewelry is a timeless topic. This mainly because different people has different taste. What make things complicated is the taste is changing as the time going. Jewelry is a part of your fashion and style apparel . In different time and occasions, your jewelry represent your life and accomplishment, or your relationship status, or maybe someone your love or adore. Jewelry is your attitude to fashion, a statement to  the world and the people around you. So how to choose proper jewelry for yourself is that hard, just follow your heart and choose the designs math your style, these will impress you into someone who care about you.

My attitude to jewelry is as high as fashion, and I’m so love them. After those jewelry things we have talked about, you may have a general impression about jewelry. We’ll continue to discuss jewelry and fashion in the future, in specifically.