fashion jewelry and clothing lead a better lifestyle

Whenever we are taking about lifestyle, we are nearly talking about everything.  There are two parts in a lifestyle, the part inside and the part outside. The inside part is formed by yourself, knowledge, experience and ways of thinking are all counted. The outside part has more things we can do about, and these things have formed a expensive industry,  fashion.

Fashion industry is about appearance, including fashion clothing, jewelry, hair style, cosmetics. This industry is too big and extensive for me to conclude, but I do have some opinion on fashion jewelry and clothing, so I wrote this topic as this blog’s first article.  This website will be and always be a place talk about fashion trends, items like fashion jewelry and fashion clothing.

Fashion jewelry is popular around everywhere in the world, but the interesting thing is the styles are different from one to another place. And in some countries, we can see the fashion jewelry there are affected deeply by there people’s religion. For example, Indian fashion jewelry tend to gold plated, African fashion jewelry are prefer big round beads. However, another interesting thing is the fashion jewelry styles are always changing and interlacing, this makes more styles of fashion jewelry than ever.

You are the represent of your lifestyle, and your appearance represents you. And the clothes and jewelry on your body make up appearance. For example, everyone has their own favorite color, you tend to choose the color when you are deciding to buy a cloth unconsciously. Then your ware your clothes to social activities, people will generally know what kind of people you are at the first glance. The same as the fashion jewelry styles, antique or modern, colorful or unicolor, gracious or statement, all make you shine in people’s eyes.

I’ll continuously introduce and discuss topics about fashion trends, and the trends on are occurring on fashion jewelry and clothing. And I would like to hear from you about your opinions on the fashion of your lifestyle.