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Ideas of choosing fashion jewelry for holiday gifts

Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are out of the door, have you think of preparing the gifs for your family and friends during the holidays? I think some fashion jewelry is all I think about on this year’s holiday gifts. Give some beautiful fashion jewelry to your friends and family to improve their holiday outfits is a good idea.

How to choose fashion jewelry for your friends is quite simple.  Just think of what kind of styles and color they like. Or whom they like, and what fashion jewelry their idols wear. It would be so warm that they receive those fashion jewelry from you.

Another reason for me to choose fashion jewelry as holiday gifts is the fashion jewelry don’t cost too muck. You know, the key of gifts isn’t how expensive it is. It’s how do you care about your friends in you heart. So, why don’t chose some fashion jewelry for gifts this year?

How to buy cheap and inexpensive fashion jewelry

If you want a colorful life, you need to color you up! We have discussed before, the key of impressive outfit is the balance of matching jewelry and clothes. Usually we practice our great matching ideas by wearing the jewelry and clothes on ourselves. Then you should have a considerable quantities items in your collection. My jewelry and clothes collection isn’t set up in one day, I spent years to collect my fashion jewelry to my fashion jewelry collection. People asked me how I get these cute fashion jewelry, I always like to share my ways every time.

Boutiques are the places you definitely don’t want to miss if you want to collect some fashion jewelry for your own. Take some time to visit boutiques around you. I always love to explore the boutique nearby. The fashion jewelry in the boutique are already selected by the shop owners, they represent their sincerity and professions. For me, the process of finding some fashion jewelry I love is enjoyable. In may occasions, I discovered the fashion jewelry accidentally when I visit their new collection or sale promotions. So next time don’t miss the fashion jewelry sale notice outside the boutiques.

Buy fashion jewelry online. Compare to the boutiques nearby, buy fashion jewelry online enable you to choose the jewelry you like in a much wider range. The websites like ebay and Esty good platforms to find the fashion jewelry you like. If you prefer simple and basic styles, the fashion jewelry on Forever21 and H&M are considerable. And sometimes I buy my fashion jewelry from wholesale fashion jewelry websites. The prices on these fashion jewelry websites are much lower than usual channels. As far as I know, some boutiques’ shop owners also wholesale wholesale costume jewelry from jewelry wholesale websites. You may find more fashion jewelry website on jewelry-magazine directory as well.

Cheap and inexpensive fashion jewelry can let you have your own jewelry collection under limited budget. I always think that fashion don’t have to be expensive, the key is the level of appreciating in our hearts.

Tips about matching jewelry with your clothes

Before we take about the tips about jewelry match with the clothes, we should know the status of jewelry and clothes in your daily outfit. Take this for example, your clothes is like the color of a wall and jewelry is like the paintings on the wall. The good matching of jewelry and clothes give people a perfect impression of yours.You don’t have to wear jewelry, but you should if you want a excellent outfit. The point of your outfit can be the jewelry or the clothes. If you decide to choose the jewelry as the key, then what you need to do is select proper clothes to fit it. Now we are going to discuss specific advice on matching clothes with the key jewelry.

The color is the first impression. The clothes color must set the jewelry off to brighter. For example, your necklace is orange, you should choice light yellow or beige. The similar color and the difference between dark and light color give people a distinct impression. For silver and diamonds jewelry, the best practice is black close, the jewelry are more dazzling with dark color behind. In the other side, boho jewelry and other hand craft jewelry are suitable with colorful clothes, which make up a simple and cute figure.

Keep jewelry and clothes in balance, don’t exaggerate any part of the outfit. You may like some styles so much, but keep a balance in your mind that proper mix and match is the best looking. Jewelry usually are used for catch the eyes, wearing to many jewelry in the same time won’t do any good, in the other side, people wound misunderstand that you don’t know how to match jewelry, you just put all your jewelry on. Every piece must contribute to your outfit score. Wearing selected jewelry shows you are a serious and professional on your match, and you can enjoy the joy of mix achieved.

Simple silver, gold and white gold jewelry is suitable for work days and fashion jewelry appear more on parties and events. On work days, you are mostly in uniforms, with leave you limited room to choose jewelry to match, and heavy jewelry brings you inconveniences to your moves in the work.

Vintage jewelry in this modern world


Jewelry usually is divided by styles or material. About styles, vintage jewelry is obviously the first one we need to talk about. Even our world has moved on for these thousands of years, the vintage is still so  popular in this modern world. Amazing, isn’t it? this is because the culture, as the culture continues, we share the similar aesthetics with the people in the old time. Vintage jewelry has become a symbol of jewelry culture, and there are large amount people adore in vintage jewelry. Vintage jewelry is a general calling. The specific styles of different era is different. We will look back into the jewelry history to find out how these jewelry styles are form and how they affect the jewelry styles in our modern world.

The human being history is deeply affect by mid-age, so does the jewelry. The jewelry industry is deeply affected by the Renaissance. Many artists of the new generation in that time became jewelry designers and thy brought the abstract art idea to the jewelry industry. The new generation jewelry designers experimented new shapes in the jewelry. The shapes including biographic style shapes. These shapes form the abstract jewelry. Till now, you still can see the abstract shapes on vintage styles jewelry.

Since the 1950s, more motifs are add to vintage jewelry, as the jewelry were more and more popular among mainstream culture. The motifs including whimsical motifs and nature motifs. These motifs have become parts of vintage jewelry. In the same time, faux pearls were appeared on the vintage style jewelry and dress, the faux pearls are more symmetrical than real pearls, they were widely used on necklace and earrings. The symmetrical shapes enable the jewelers to produced jewelry in bulk. And this is the time jewelry spread to most people of the society, not just the rich ones.

Artificial gems were quickly used to vintage jewelry after they were created. Thanks to the new technology, people have the point to control the gems’ color and shape, this makes jeweler can design and produce more styles of vintage jewelry than ever. Affordable prices and adorable designs, plus the culture influence,  another time of boom period of vintage jewelry came, and it still last nowadays.


Jewelry and your lifestyle

No one knows when the first jewelry in the world was made, but no one doubts that the history of jewelry is as long as human being’s history. Now jewelry is a integral part of people’s live, no matter in normal life or formal events. Usually the jewelry reflect the owners personality. If you a open girl, you can wearing exaggerated jewelry, or some colorful jewelry must your type. If you are a repressed girl, some exquisite jewelry like spindly necklace should fit you.

In the old days, no everyone can have their own jewelry. Jewelry was a symbol of power and status. And some jewelry were limited by that time, even you have enough money, you don’t deserve the jewelry, you must have the corresponding status. Now the situation is much different, you can have all the jewelry you want if you are rich enough. But not all the jewelry are expensive. Actually, only small part the jewelry which are made by precious metal like gold, platinum and silver are expensive, as well as the jewelry interspersed by diamonds and nature gems. Some people choose some expensive jewelry to show they are rich, but wearing jewelry is not about showing rich. Wearing jewelry is about being good and graceful, and the jewelry don’t have to be expensive.

Choosing jewelry is a timeless topic. This mainly because different people has different taste. What make things complicated is the taste is changing as the time going. Jewelry is a part of your fashion and style apparel . In different time and occasions, your jewelry represent your life and accomplishment, or your relationship status, or maybe someone your love or adore. Jewelry is your attitude to fashion, a statement to  the world and the people around you. So how to choose proper jewelry for yourself is that hard, just follow your heart and choose the designs math your style, these will impress you into someone who care about you.

My attitude to jewelry is as high as fashion, and I’m so love them. After those jewelry things we have talked about, you may have a general impression about jewelry. We’ll continue to discuss jewelry and fashion in the future, in specifically.

fashion jewelry and clothing lead a better lifestyle

fashion jewelry and clothing lead a better lifestyle

Whenever we are taking about lifestyle, we are nearly talking about everything.  There are two parts in a lifestyle, the part inside and the part outside. The inside part is formed by yourself, knowledge, experience and ways of thinking are all counted. The outside part has more things we can do about, and these things have formed a expensive industry,  fashion.

Fashion industry is about appearance, including fashion clothing, jewelry, hair style, cosmetics. This industry is too big and extensive for me to conclude, but I do have some opinion on fashion jewelry and clothing, so I wrote this topic as this blog’s first article.  This website will be and always be a place talk about fashion trends, items like fashion jewelry and fashion clothing.

Fashion jewelry is popular around everywhere in the world, but the interesting thing is the styles are different from one to another place. And in some countries, we can see the fashion jewelry there are affected deeply by there people’s religion. For example, Indian fashion jewelry tend to gold plated, African fashion jewelry are prefer big round beads. However, another interesting thing is the fashion jewelry styles are always changing and interlacing, this makes more styles of fashion jewelry than ever.

You are the represent of your lifestyle, and your appearance represents you. And the clothes and jewelry on your body make up appearance. For example, everyone has their own favorite color, you tend to choose the color when you are deciding to buy a cloth unconsciously. Then your ware your clothes to social activities, people will generally know what kind of people you are at the first glance. The same as the fashion jewelry styles, antique or modern, colorful or unicolor, gracious or statement, all make you shine in people’s eyes.

I’ll continuously introduce and discuss topics about fashion trends, and the trends on are occurring on fashion jewelry and clothing. And I would like to hear from you about your opinions on the fashion of your lifestyle.